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Introduction of the 124th Canton Fair

China Import and Export Fair, also known as the “Canton Fair”, is an important channel for China’s foreign trade sector and a demonstration of China’s opening up policy. It plays a key role in advancing the development of China’s foreign trade and the economic and trade exchanges between China and the rest of the world. And it is renowned as “China’s No. 1 Fair”.

Canton Fair is co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and organized by China Foreign Trade Centre. It is held every spring and autumn in Guangzhou, China. Since its establishment in 1957, Canton Fair has enjoyed the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete product variety, the best business turnover in China, and the biggest buyer attendance from the broadest range of countries for 123 sessions. The 123rd Canton Fair attracted 203,346 buyers (by May 3rd) from 214 countries and regions, the highest level in 5 years. These figures reflect the huge commercial value of Canton Fair and its importance in contributing to global trade.

Focused on international market demands, Canton Fair is a comprehensive and specialized trade event. It exhibits over 150,000 categories of quality and feature products, both from China and overseas. More than 25,000 outstanding enterprises from all over the world participate in each session. Exhibitors refer to advanced international quality standards as benchmarks, adhere to globally-recognized product test and green and safety certification system, and bring more and more new products that are green, low-carbon, smart, with high technological content and added value, representing the highest level of China’s intelligent manufacturing industry. For the 124th session, based on a thorough market investigation, we will adjust and optimize the size and layout of sections, therefore the structure of booths will better meet the market demands. To help buyers locate sourcing targets, we will arrange the same types of products in a concentrated way in all sections and set up 150 product zones in about 40 sections. Through the clear and thorough Buyer Guide, guiding signs and screens, buyers will be able to locate their target sections and product zones quickly and enjoy a convenient attending experience.

The International Pavilion, inaugurated since the 101st session to promote balanced growth of import and export, has been held for 23 sessions. In the 123rd session, there were 992 stands in the International Pavilion; 617 enterprises from 34 countries and regions participated. In the coming 124th session, we will continue to set up a product zone for “comprehensive health industrial cluster for international daily chemicals” in the International Pavilion, and organize multiple thematic promotion activities to attract high-end daily chemical brands from Americas and Europe. Moreover we will set up a baby product zone in Phase 3; famous German and South Korean brands will bring their maternal and baby products.

To encourage innovation of Chinese products and to facilitate buyers to select China’s best export manufacturers and their hit products, we established CF Awards in 2013. This year we will continue to invite experts in R&D, design, production, sales and media to form a committee, to select from more than a thousand outstanding products in a strict manner and hopefully to recommend best products of design and market value to Canton Fair buyers.

In regard to Canton Fair’s marketing, we’ve implemented the guidelines of President Xi’s congratulatory letter and Premier Li’s instructions, focused on “Belt & Road” countries while facing the world, made new changes in the method of marketing, and launched targeted marketing, invitation and service according to different sectors. Firstly, global promotion. We have advanced innovative marketing based on the Internet, new media and big data application, and invite global buyers to attend the Fair through 6 social media platforms, 5 search engines and emails. We have also held remote video promotion conferences in global key markets and expand Canton Fair’s “friends’ circle”. Secondly, targeted marketing. We have engaged in cooperation on marketing with 113 industrial and commercial organizations in 67 countries and regions; based on our target markets and key customers, we’ve launched targeted marketing using professional channels and resource. Thirdly, targeted invitation. We have promoted i-Invite and ARNB activities to improve the show-up rate of invited customers. Fourthly, targeted service. We’ve enhanced our CRM and provided tailored services to VIPs and other premium customers, and stepped up partnership with airlines and hotels, to provide more professional and convenient value added service to buyers and improve their experience of attending the Fair.

We have been improving professional services for higher satisfaction from our visitors. In the 93rd session of the Canton Fair we launched “Multinational Sourcing Service” to provide special space for big and world famous global buyers to collect information and meet suppliers. MSS has provided individual sourcing services in fixed stations for 40 multinational buyers such as Carrefour, and gained popularity among numerous buyers and exhibitors. It is regarded as a “diamond platform to promote mutual communication and understanding between suppliers and buyers”.

We, at the Canton Fair, have made better use of international and domestic markets and resources, advanced trade matchmaking and improved our service to Top 250 Global Retailers, chain companies, and enterprises of key industries. We’ve understood the sourcing needs of our customers in depth and improved the result of matchmaking in a more targeted way. We’ve encouraged companies to grow their brands and develop markets to facilitate their transformation and upgrading, optimize the foreign trade mix and cultivate new advantages in global competition. By these efforts, we promote the shift of Canton Fair from a platform of trade in goods to an all-round trading platform of goods, service and technology.

“Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center” (PDC), since its establishment in the 109th session, has served as a design service platform to bridge “Made in China” and “Designed by World” and to facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation between excellent designers from all over the world and quality Chinese companies.

Canton Fair witnesses the development of China’s foreign trade sector and IPR protection, especially the progress in IPR protection in the exhibition industry. Since 1992, we’ve been working hard to protect intellectual property for more than 20 years, and Canton Fair’s IPR protection has been well received during exhibitors and buyers. We’ve put in place a comprehensive IPR dispute settlement mechanism that is relatively complete and suits the Fair’s practical situation, with Complaints about and Settlement Provisions for Suspected Intellectual Property Infringement in the Canton Fair as the cornerstone. IPR protection at the Canton Fair has become an example of IPR protection for Chinese exhibitions; the just, professional and efficient dispute settlement has won the trust and recognition of Dyson, Travel Sentry Inc, SATA GmbH & Co. KG and etc.

The exhibition duration and phase, product section and exhibition scale of the 124th session will remain the same as those in the 123rd session. The 124th Canton Fair will be held in China Import and Export Fair Complex from Oct 15 to Nov 4, 2018. The Fair will be arranged in 3 Phases; Phase 1: Oct 15-19, Phase 2: Oct 23-27, and Phase 3: Oct 31-Nov 4. The intervals are: Oct 20-22, and Oct 28-30. Welcome to the 124th Canton Fair!