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“Hainan Airlines” Beijing – Calgary flight Anniversary!

Time: June 29th, 2017

Venue: Marriot Downtown Calagary

Event Organizer: Hainan Airlines


June 29, 2017, Hainan Airlines – Beijing to fly Calgary’s first-anniversary celebration dinner was held at the Marriott Hotel. Australia International Co., Ltd. as Hainan Airlines public relations company, the whole process and participated in the event.

Dinner invited Calgary political circles, business representatives and Chinese businessmen to come to participate in the exhibition, Chang Syria friendship, to celebrate this memorable important moment!

June 29 morning, Calgary International Airport in the new terminal, the departure hall appears to be some different from the usual.

We are familiar with the most inside of the area, “lights”, beaming (below)

Pretty flower dresses check-in counter (below)

Seductive Cupcake and the shape of the beverage indicates that today’s day is not normal (below)

Hainan Airlines will be partial to the corner of the check-in counter to a new, to celebrate the card city of Chinese people remember the day (below)

The same day, passengers from Hainan Airlines from Calgary to Beijing have witnessed this special event, the scene also took out the lucky passengers to get HNA fine souvenirs (below).

Hainan Airlines direct flights to the first anniversary of Beijing, must not be sold at the airport only Meng ~

At night, the Marriott at Calgary Downtown welcomes a high-standard anniversary dinner!

Before the dinner began, the corridor was together, and many old and new friends came to congratulate it

The harp in the corridor makes the banquet extraordinary

The guests who have arrived successively communicate enthusiastically

The first year of direct flight is Calgary’s event, including Mr. Wang Xinping (third from right), Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in Calgary, Mr. Robert Palmer (left), CFO of Calgary International Airport (see photo)

Calgary tourism industry people together

It should be said that in the past year, direct flights to the opening of the Beijing route not only promoted the economic development of Calgary, but also enhanced the relationship between Calgary and China, the growth of the Calgary Chinese community, its influence And metaphor.

And the atmosphere of the banquet hall is very good, light and decoration are originality (below)

The first anniversary of the non-stop celebration, Alberta Governor Rachel Notely specially sent a congratulatory message, expressed my heartfelt thanks and blessings (below)

Mayor of Calgary Nenshi also sent a congratulatory video (below)

Speech by Mr. Wang Xinping, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Calgary (below)

Calgary International Airport CFO Robert Palmer also expressed gratitude and blessings for HNA (below)

Mr. Wang Xinyuan, General Manager of Hainan Airlines in Calgary (Speech)

Field three also jointly cut the symbol of Hainan Airlines direct flights to Calgary’s “birthday cake” (below)

The scene also took out the prize, Calgary direct flights from Beijing to business class air tickets, general manager of Air Canada in Calgary, Mr. Wang Xinyuan out of the final lucky.

The first year of direct flight is not long, but the impact of Calgary’s Chinese far, TA not only to bring convenience to our lives, leaving the card city economic development more likely, so that the Chinese here more confidence in the future.